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Boot Cleaning & Disinfecting Station


Combat contamination and keep your working areas as clean as possible. A cost-effective solution designed to protect and prevent the unwanted transfer of hazardous materials from your footwear.

Used across any industry, the Bootwash system improves safety on and off-site by ensuring that dust and debris is removed from footwear in order to stop cross contamination from hard working environments. Cleaning costs are also reduced, and time-saved from manually washing boots.


For particularly hygiene sensitive environments where the spread of disease is a potential threat, we offer an optional automatic chemical dosing unit for prevention and safety. All you need is a consistent water supply.


Molded polyethylene material creates a UV stable model and stainless-steel waterlines prevent rust from building up. This model is integrated with both hand grips and a sump for collecting and disposing of waste water.

Key Points

  • Stainless-steel waterlines

  • Optional chemical dosing unit

  • 3 Fixed brushes

  • 1 removable hand brush

  • UV stable

  • Molded polyethylene


No Civils

1/2" Water Connection

1 Wheel Revolution


Easy Maintenance

Contact us today to find the right Wheelwash product

for your specific needs.

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