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High performance, high-pressure spray wash system


The most popular model in the Ecowash range, operating on a closed loop system effectively recycling the water it uses.

The Excel is a robust model made up of a 13.1’ wash platform with optional 9.8’ ramps and water recycling tank capacity options starting from 3,962 gallons. All constructed from heavy duty steel and operating in a closed loop system, eliminating the need for an operator as well as an automatic sensor entry for improved site safety.


The platform has 11 strategically placed water delivery pipes, spraying narrow fans of water with up to 58 PSI pressure at a targeted location on each tire. To reduce the occurrence of striping, nozzles are placed in a staggered position ensuring the whole tire is cleaned effectively in one-wheel rotation. the standard spray pattern is congured to minimize overspray, combined with galvanized side screens to ensure water stays in the system to be recycled.

Key Points

Galvanized internal removable grids make this the easiest model to maintain and comes with optional exit and entry ramps to suit various tires of vehicles.


  • Heavy-duty, effective cleaning

  • Automatic ultrasonic entry sensor

  • Settlement tanks starting at 3,962 gallons

  • Closed loop system

  • Easy to maintain and clean

  • Can resist 2,246 pounds per axle as standard

  • 4” bauer fittings and buttery valves to settlement tank chambers complete with bauer couplings

  • IP65 Control panel

  • 6 HP wash pump

  • WRAS approved values and fittings

  • 3 way sloping floor

  • 3.5 HP waste water recovery pump


Up to 58 PSI

40AMPS, 40kVA

Water Recycling 3,962 Gal

1 Wheel Revolution

Mobile, No Operator

Easy Maintenance

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