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A simple, drive-over ramp system

Our most environmentally-friendly system that requires no power or water to operate.

The system is made up of three road sections, each 13.1’ long with 9.8’ entry and exit ramps, all made from heavy duty steel. Traffic barriers give a visual aid to drivers as well as twin interlocks to allow for a speedy installation and a secure attachment at both ends.


Virtually maintenance-free, the Ecoramp is suitable for up to 8 wheeled vehicles in standard format or articulated vehicles with additional horizontal sections and uses the vibration effect created by vehicles driving over an inverted steel angle to clean tires.


In 5-6 slow wheel rotations, the motion flexes open tire treads letting the dirt fall straight to the ground. It’s easy to install and relocate, with very little maintenance needed making it perfect for remote sites.


A cost-effective solution ideally suited to sites where services are not available.

Key Points

The Ecoramp comes in 59’ and 72’ versions for articulated vehicles, though the format allows for any length of ramp to suit specific site requirements


  • Highly flexible

  • Low maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Cost-saving

  • Can resist 22,046 pounds per axle as standard


5-6 Wheel Revolution

No Power

No Water


Easy Maintenance

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