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Heavy-duty, high-performing disinfecting system

An automatically activated drive-over system designed to reduce cross-contamination from moving vehicles.

This surface mounted system comprises of four (optional) ramps and a spray platform. Spray bars, side screens, entry and exit sensors and a high-performance chemical dosing unit with pump and a control panel plus a water tank from 660 gallons. Alternatively, the system can be inset into the ground to save space and cost by removing the ramps.


The automatic sensors activate strategically placed nozzles situated to the side and below the vehicle. Covering a spray area of 6 feet, this system ensures the entire vehicle is covered. At up to 45 PSI, the Enforcer can be effective even in adverse weather conditions whilst side screens reduce overspray and collect wastewater in an oveflow port for collection.


This is the ideal choice for agricultural and industrial sites where biosecurity is a major concern.

Key Points

Galvanized side screens and ramps make this a high-quality piece of equipment. Adjustable dosing also makes it easily adaptable to suit any commonly used chemical disinfectant, acid or alkaline, within specified pH levels.


  • 6 foot spray area

  • Integral water tank from 660 gallons 

  • Two-way traffic activation setting

  • Drain valves to spray area for collection

  • Can resist 22,000 pounds per axle as standard


45 PSI

240V Single

Mobile, No Operator

Easy Maintenance

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