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High-performance drive through bath system

A simple, high performance drive-through bath system designed to prevent the spread of dirt and debris on to public highways from site vehicles.

The Ecobath is a simple drive-through system with clever design features and a modular construction that makes it adaptable to many different sites - especially remote locations or wherever there are no electrical services available. The 32.8’ long central bath allows up to three complete wheel revolutions through the water, while removable internal grids of steel angle flex open the tire treads, allowing dirt to fall out, and the water washes the surface of the treads.


When installed above ground, 9.8’ access ramps are supplied and a sturdy horizontal road can also be provided in 13’ sections for additional dry vibration cleaning.


Using a combination of ramps and horizontal road sections, any length of configuration can be applied.

Key Points

The internal grids can be easily removed to access the base of the bath for easy, periodic maintenance. The optional horizontal road can be located before and after the bath section to make it suitable for articulated vehicles. Ecobath systems are delivered on a truck mounted crane where possible, are easy to install and relocate and available for sale or rental.


  • Eco friendly

  • 2,642 gallon capacity

  • Mobile road option

  • Optional 9.84’ ramps

  • Can resist 22,046 pounds per axle as standard

  • For sale and rent


Mobile, No Operator

No Power

No Water

Easy Maintenance

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